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Understanding How A Sand Filter Keeps Your Pool Clean

In terms of the kinds of pool filters you can install in your pool, you will discover sufficient possibilities to make your head spin! The sand within a pool filter has been ground to about .45 to .55 mm in diameter and is extremely rough whenever you very first get started using it. More than time the sand loses its roughness and desires to be changed. The sand typically demands to become changed every 5 years; some have already been recognized to go as long as 20 years without having being changed despite the fact that they might not be as efficient as they need to be at that time. As the sand loses its rough texture the filter has to run extra frequently to finish its cleaning process. Get extra info about Sandfilteranlage

Strategies on when to change your sand:

Take away the old sand from the swimming pool filter and to do this you’ll need to pull the drain plug and let the water drain out.


Use a smaller cup to dig out the sand so you may expose the laterals and move the stand pipe out on the way.

Use caution when digging the sand out so you do not break the laterals with the filters’ underdrain. They are fragile and are easily broken.


After the sand is fully removed, clean and examine the laterals. Most laterals will unscrew permitting for quick removal in the tank.

If you have to remove impacted dirt from the laterals, soak them inside a mix of water and muriatic acid; rinse completely.


Rinse out the tank and re-install the clean laterals.

Replace the underdrain assembly then add water till the tank is half complete to cushion the laterals whenever you start out to add the sand.


Add a bag of sand, creating certain you level the sand in the sand bed just before you add the next bag of sand. The quantity of sand you will need to add is determined by the manufacturer’s directions. For those who can’t find the guidelines contact a swimming pool skilled for guidance.

After the proper volume of sand has been added, reassemble the filter tank and multiport valve.


It’s important to begin your filter system inside the backwash mode to fully flush the dust from the sand and to enable the sand to settle completely about the laterals.

For the reason that cleaning a sand filter will not be one thing that is definitely accomplished with any regularity, you could possibly uncover it simpler to contact a swimming pool qualified when the time comes to replace the sand within your filter.


How the sand filter system functions: A swimming pool sand filter separates backwash contaminates in the backwash water and after that they’re discarded separately. The backwash filtering system has an inlet and an outlet along with the filter and also the backwash valve connects the pump outlet and sand filter inlet, and connects the sand filter outlet and pool return. When in the backwash position, the backwash valve connects the pump outlet and sand filter outlet, and connects the sand filter inlet and backwash filtering system inlet.

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